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Anne has given many interviews over the years. Some are included here whilst others can be found in conjunction with the main subject matter of the interview, for example, The Heiress.


During the 1973 Glasstown tour, Anne was interviewed by some of the local papers. Of particular interest to Onedin fans is one which was published in the South Wales Evening Post on 11 May. 

Also appearing in the play was Robert Powell, whom Anne had previously worked with in a radio series broadcast in 1968. He was well-known from his role as Toby Wren in Doomwatch and when this character died, the BBC received a record number of letters from viewers. This record was beaten a few years later by those sent in response to Anne Onedin’s death.  A handful of the letters were published in the Radio Times.

Betty Hughes - World Of Women

A Profile Of Anne

Theatre programmes have proved a valuable source of information about the productions Anne/Peter have appeared in over the years. Most contain a brief career synopsis and some a photo as well. Occasionally there’s an added bonus - as in the case of this profile taken from the Alphabetical Order programme from 1980 for the Theatre Royal, Windsor. The lovely picture is from the same item.



The Captain's Lady

One of the best interviews we have was published in the UK Woman's Weekly magazine in 1989, titled Meet Anne Stallybrass, the Captain’s Lady. The article contains much interesting information and gives some insight into the real Anne. Fame clearly has not "spoilt" her; she comes over as a very likeable and down-to-earth woman.  There is also the bonus of some lovely photos of the actress taken at home, including a rare photo of Anne and Peter together.

Diana would like to thank Deanna Susans who very kindly copied this (and other material) for her and without whom we might never found the interview.

But before reading the interview itself, the following was included in the previous week's issue:

A woman of surprises

Actress Anne Stallybrass seems to have specialised in playing long-suffering historical heroines.  Off camera, she's happy, humorous and nobody's fool, as our fascinating interview reveals.

Woman's Weekly, 11 April 1989

Meet Anne Stallybrass

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