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Theatre 70s

The first play Anne appeared in during this decade was A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg, only a year since she had initially played Sheila. Her first husband, Roger Rowland, also appeared in this production. More about this and her original performance will be found in Theatre 60s.

Immediately prior to starting work on the first series of The Onedin Line, Anne appeared in The Heiress in Bromley. The play was scheduled to run from 19 April - 8 May 1971 but the New Theatre burnt down so the last performance was on 6 May.

After The Heiress, Anne did not appear on stage again until January 1973, the rest of 1971 and all of 1972 being spent in the studios and on location recording The Onedin Line and The Strauss Family.

Thus, after her exit from The Onedin Line, Anne returned to her first love and worked in the theatre for much of 1973. Firstly in Hobson's Choice and then the world premiere of Glasstown which toured the UK for two months prior to six weeks in London.

Anne has undertaken several tours during her career but the first was with Glasstown. We thought it would be interesting to include articles from each of the towns the play visited in order to compare the different reviewers’ comments.

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