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Television 70s

Occupied with The Onedin Line for much of the decade, it isn’t surprising that Peter’s other TV acting appearances during the 1970s were few and far between.

Prior to filming commencing on the first series of Onedin, he was seen in several episodes of the twice weekly BBC drama The Doctors as Jack Stockton. In addition, he had a couple of one-off roles, firstly in The Persuaders with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, and two separate ones in The Main Chance.

Probably owing something to his popularity as James, Peter made appearances as a singer on entertainment programmes such as Cilla and Moira Anderson.

In March 1973 he followed closely in the footsteps of his Onedin co-stars, Anne Stallybrass and Jessica Benton, by appearing on the word quiz Call My Bluff. Eighteen months later he read Enid Blyton’s The Island Of Adventures for the BBC children’s series Jackanory.

Peter’s fame also led to a number of appearances on European television. Notably he was filmed by Dutch TV singing all the songs from his first solo LP, Songs of the Sea (see Recordings). In addition, he turned up in a scene for an Austrian programme called Mad In Austria (a rather apt title) which went on to win the Bronze Rose at the Montreux Festival in 1975. Peter’s role in this was very short but somewhat of an eye opener.

It wasn’t until A Man Called Intrepid, broadcast in 1980, in which he played opposite David Niven, that Peter had another major acting role on television.

DR, March 2004

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