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Anne Stallybrass
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Welcome to our Anne Stallybrass and Peter Gilmore website.

Both actors gained worldwide fame for their roles in the BBC television series The Onedin Line during the 1970s.  But Anne and Peter have done much more than The Onedin Line.  On this site you will find information about their roles in the theatre, films, radio and other fields, in addition to television.

The owners of this site are Marianne van Hilten and Diana Rollings, both long admirers of Anne and Peter and their work.  We met via the auction site eBay.  After bidding against each other on several items, Diana contacted Marianne to see if she shared her interest …… we are now close friends and work together on increasing our Gilmore-Stallybrass knowledge and collection.

Diana conducts most of the research as she lives in England where most of the material can be found.  Marianne, who is Dutch, spends her time searching the Internet and has built this site.

We hope you find our site interesting and informative.  Material will be added over the coming months so please return regularly.


Now please step inside and enjoy …….

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